Ailoce Publishing


Traci Dunn

Traci is a career Human Resources enthusiast who believes an organization’s success is driven by its people and its people strategy. Her strength is creating the conditions that enable people to be at their best. She is a courageous executive leader known for developing strong human capital teams and driving innovative talent strategies and business solutions. 

Personally, Traci's greatest joy and accomplishment is being a mom to her 7-year-old son Cole.  Throughout Cole's life, Traci has used books to help him navigate challenging experiences like losing his grandmother to cancer and relocating from Texas to Illinois at the start of Kindergarten.   There were a couple of situations where the right book didn't exist and that was the catalyst to write stories that reflected his lived experience and helped him navigate and build resilience.  The stories are intended to be Bias Busting, Inclusive, and Supportive of both the child and adult reader.

Cole Dunn

Cole is a vibrant, curious, intelligent and active 2nd Grader.  He is the inspiration for the Connor Books.  In fact, Connor is the name he gave to his Elf on A Shelf years ago.  Cole is an avid reader and has been reading ahead of his grade level for quite some time.  He also has a vivid imagination and loves to write, draw, create and make up stories.  When it came to writing the Connor Books, his input and artistic design truly made the books authentic.  He has a number of ideas for additional Connor Books based on his experiences and his imagination.